This website aims to make it easier to claim for delays to your train journey. There are a variety of reasons you may not have claimed for your journey, suffice it to say the data this website provides will tell you officially how late your train was using data provided under license by network rail.
You can access this website on PC/Tablet/Mobile. The website is optimised to work on all devices.
This website is run in my own spare time and as such I cannot devote 100% of time to it. If there are problems it may take a while to fix, although I would aim to resolve major issues pretty quickly.

Delay-Repay compensation scheme

You can usually be compensated when your train is delayed, typically 30 minutes or more. Against each train on this website (when viewed in a desktop or tablet browser) is a link to the train companies compensation form which you can increasingly often fill out online.
Compensation policies and procedures can vary dependent on the train operator, so please check their website on how to claim.


There are a variety of features planned including:

  • User Registration for:
    • Enter favourite journeys
    • Email Notifications of delays or cancellations on favourite routes
    • Push notifications to mobile
  • iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) applications - for now the website will perform perfectly adequately on mobile devices

Accuracy and reliability

Data Quality

Some trains can sometimes be missing data, this is often due to the fact the train did not run or did not report properly to the supplied data feed by network rail. Other times it can be do with errors with this website or its associated server side components.


This website is hosted via GitHub Pages.


This website is build on top of the data provided by sister website trainnotifier.co.uk.
Both websites are open source and the code for this website can be found on github.


This website is run without external funding. The only meagre income is from adverts. If at all possible do not use an ad-blocker when viewing this website. Thanks

Contact Details

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